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With the private jet, we can also reach remote airports with limited runways, so we not only have many more airports to choose from, but we can also move outside the spotlights. We can step out of the focus of traditional airports and actually operate without much attention in some circumstances. In addition to private jets, we also use small turboprops that can fly to remote destinations, such as quickly to remote farms, mines, construction sites or offshore wind farms and oil platforms.

The handling processes at regional airports are usually much less bureaucratic and quicker to manage. This means minimising time and risk – and that can be invaluable. With precise planning, the on-site handling process can be so efficient that a minimum ground time is sufficient.
We also organise medical evacuations for injured and restricted-mobility passengers – whether for the journey home or to a suitable hospital nearby. The experienced crew take care of patients before, during and after the flight.

The helicopter is the optimal solution for areas that are particularly difficult to reach, densely populated regions and places with destroyed infrastructure.

Point-to-point connections are often of immense importance in crisis situations and in the context of humanitarian missions they can manage emergency care from the air.


Private Jets & Helicopters
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